Veterinarian in Boise, ID

Meet the Team

Tim Murphy

Dr. Murphy is a Big Sky native and proud of his Montana and Butte roots. He graduated in Biology and Chemistry at Carroll College in Helena in 1976 and veterinary school at Colorado State in 1980. He moved to Boise and worked with Dr. Charles Lange at Lakeside Vet in Eagle from 1980 till 1985 when he opened his own practice. Dr. Murphy enjoys spending time with his 4 children and 2 granddaughters. His hobbies include his horses and a dozen Angus cattle. He also loves camping, hunting, and tending to his animals and kids.

Dr. Murphy supports many aspects of the local community, including schools, and 4-H programs.

Scott Carter

Dr. Carter graduated from Arizona State University with honors and went on to Washington State University to receive his DVM. Dr. Carter owned a veterinary clinic in Helena, Montana for 21 years before moving to Boise in 2003 and has been an Associate with Animals R Us since 2008. Dr. Carter is especially fond of cats and most clients remark on how well their felines take to him. He has his own male tabby that goes by the name of Charlie. He enjoys walks along the Greenbelt and the cultural scene at the Morrison Center.

Brady Renner

Dr. Renner has been with Animals R Us since 2010. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Boise State University. He finished with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University in 1998. Dr. Renner works with large and small animals. He also enjoys fishing and hunting.

Practice Manager C.V.T

Lori is an Idaho Native, born in Boise and raised in Mt. Home, she grew up surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. She has a family full of avid hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen. She is always out with the horses and even the cow when she needed to be milked. At the young age of 12, Lori knew her calling was to work in a vet clinic. In 1986 she started her career after having 3 daughters and in 1999 she took the National Boards to officially become a Certified Vet Tech. She and her husband Bob have raised 5 daughters, 11 grandchildren, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 6 chickens, 2 horses, a finch, and a fish…and who knows what is to come!

Veterinary Assistant

Rose moved to Boise in 1996 to be closer to the family who lived in the area. Because of that move, she changed professions from hairstylist to Veterinary Assistant. She has a great passion for all animals especially the elderly or abandoned. Because of this Rose is living her dream by being able to love all of the living creatures that come through our doors. She has realized that she is not able to take care of all of the animals under her own roof. Sharing the love and time at Animals R Us has been a great balance for her. She makes sure all of the patients get equal and undivided attention. Rose started working at Animals R Us in 1996. She left for a few years to get training and a different view in Veterinary Medicine but came back home, to Animals R Us.

Dr. Tim and Rose have had an inside joke that she is his own in-house “ASPCA”. Rose loves the animals so much that she tends to over spoil or cater to the patients a little….she will get that look from the Doctor, “you are doing it again”. She then smiles and gets back to work. It can be hard to teach an old dog new tricks!

Veterinary Assistant

Amber was born in Grangeville, Idaho, and moved to Boise in 1985. She got married at age 21 and started her family of 2 boys who has challenged her and taught her patience. Although Amber has tried other professions, she has settled in at Animals R Us since March of 2017, growing and loving the Veterinary profession. Amber specializes in helping people and earning their trust of their precious pets. She assists in the surgery room and wants to provide their patients with the best possible care until she can hand them over to the hands of their loved ones.

Customer Care

Donna is one of the “True” natives of Idaho, born and raised in Boise. She obtained a degree in Biology on a career path to become a Veterinarian, but life took a different turn when she fell in love and got married in 1988. She then started to raise a family of 4 daughters and 1 son. Donna and her Husband live a beautiful life on their own little sheep ranch. They raise lambs, chickens, horses, and their “kids”.

She has worked at a few other local Veterinary Clinics but has settled in full time at Animals R Us. She enjoys being the Receptionist in this cozy “country” vet clinic. This is a fun yet very challenging area to work as the front waiting room can fill up very quickly with people and their 4-legged family members. Donna is rewarded by knowing that the clinic aims to provide our patients with lots of TLC and the best affordable care our patients can rely on.

Veterinary Assistant

Sharon ended up in Idaho from New Jersey when her car broke down in Boise. She found a job as a display merchandiser for Macy’s and decided to stay here. She has been employed as a freelance Graphic Artist, a small business owner of a futon company, a high school art-graphic design, and a video teacher for the Boise School District. Sharon earned an A.S from York College of PA, a BFA from Kent State University (Ohio), and an MA from Boise State.

Sharon’s interest in animals led her to volunteer at Animals R us starting about 2014 while she completed online courses in Veterinary Technology. She was hired permanently in June of 2015. The staff is great and fun to work with and there is always something new to learn. It has been a great place to land.

Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer was born in Colorado and moved to Idaho when she was 9 years old. She has always loved animals and wanted to make a career working with them. The thing she loves the most about working at Animals R Us is working with sick and hurt animals to help them get better and return to their homes with their families. She has a small Menagerie of animals at home that includes 2 dogs, 2cates, and 2 lizards. They are all special needs in one way or another.

Veterinary Assistant

Suz calls herself an alumni employee as she was here, then left for a few years, but is now back for a 2nd term. She plans on staying till she retires along with Dr. Murphy and some of the other “ole folks” who are on staff. Suz is a very family-oriented person who has raised 2 wonderful sons, one of whom has proudly served and retired from the United States Marine Corp. Her other son has moved from the midwest to Caldwell to be closer. She has 4 grandchildren who work very hard at keeping her and her husband, Mike, young. Her oldest granddaughter has decided to pursue a degree to become a Licensed Veterinary Nurse. Suz and Mike enjoy spending time in the mountains of Idaho hiking, camping, mushrooming, and huckleberry picking. Suz is perfecting her skills in campfire cooking.

Suz has a great passion for rescuing animals. In the past year alone, she has had 10 dogs cross her path where she was able to find loving forever homes for them. She has also taken home a little ball of fur that weighed a whole 0.5 #. Miss Grace Kitty is now a happy healthy little bundle of energy who rescued us from the sorrow of losing our elderly chocolate lab, Kona. She is named Grace because of what she has done for them. When they first got Grace Kitty, they said they were going to foster her and look for a home for her, but she has worked her way into their hearts and their life, so she will be staying here in her forever home.



Pat loves her job! She states, “That is why I have been here for 20 yrs with Animals R Us”! Her favorite part of the job is greeting all of the patients coming in the door, before their surgeries or their Dr. visits. They relax her so much more when receiving a scratch, encouraging word, or even just a friendly face. It assures them that their stay with us will be A-OK!